About Dinos


Dinos is a wedding and portrait photographer.
He is currently based in Athens, Greece.

 His work is not on the commercial side and

if you also believe that then you are at the right place.

Every couple and their wedding is unique

and he will treat them like so.

He believes in the connection between the photographer and you

and how important that is.

That said, he is a movies fan and he is also inspired by them.
He loves to cook and his friends are taking advantage

of it and he loves that too.
He can’t think of a year passing without traveling somewhere, somehow.
He loves nature and all the living things on it (except cockroaches).

He is the beach type but always keen to the fresh mountain breeze.
So, if you think Dinos is the kind of photographer you look for, pop him a

message, and he will be happy to start a conversation with you.